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About Falabrac Team

Falabrac design is strictly connected to manufacturing: the skills and the tools work together during the whole process. Our creations take shape, following a virtuous process starting with the pencil, passing through digital modelling and materialising thanks to the union of technology and hand crafting ability.

Thanks to the different cultural backgrounds of the members of the Creative Team, sophisticated objects are designed to become unique jewellery.

Architecture as a muse
Falabrac often draws inspiration from nature in its multiple forms, even if it always conceives a project as a small building: shapes, colours, textures and proportions give origin to futuristic pieces of architecture.

The Era of Digital Craft
Falabrac jewellery is the result of a combination between creativeness and the latest technologic tools that make surprising shapes real and wearable. As a matter of fact, the use of 3D printing technologies is seen as a tool that makes possible the creative expression and not as a tool which overwhelms and bends the idea to its own mathematical algorithms.
Despite its technological approach, Falabrac defends and re-evaluates the dimension of crafts, with a great attention to tradition and memory, but always updating, constantly seeking new frontiers of design and manufacturing.

Visit the Official Website of the Brand  WWW.FALABRAC.IT